Saturday 30th March
11.30am – 3.15pm.

City Academy Dance Studio, Sports Centre, 299 Bluebell Road, Norwich, NR4 7LP

Workshops with Kate Isotta and Tony Ramsay

Do you find yourself dancing the same familiar steps? Are you stuck in a Tango comfort zone?

This workshop will look at specific techniques that will help leaders and followers consciously explore and open up new possibilities in the dance.
Suitable for dancers with at least 1 year’s experience.

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Workshops with Luis Rodriguez and Elizabeth Knock

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Luis & Elizabeth will teach two progressive workshops. The first will focus on the music: ‘recognising musical phrases and dancing with the melody’ and the second workshop will progress to learn an emblematic figure ‘Salida del Cuarenta’ which can be used beautifully within the musical phrases we have identified from the first class.


Luis and Elizabeth run Tango y Nada Mas in London. They have more than 20 years of experience in Argentine Tango through classes which focus on ‘Tango Salon’. They share the Tango culture of Buenos Aires with an emphasis on the music, the embrace, the walk and social dancing.

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Watch them dance here:
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Suitable for dancers with at least 1 year’s experience.