Workshops with Agustin and Natalia

Saturday 31st August

11.30 – 3.15

City Academy Dance Studio, Sports Centre, 299 Bluebell Road, Norwich, NR4 7LP

Workshops with Agustin Venturino and Natalia Aguero. They began their international journey in 2016, after 13 years of local experience and 10 years of intense researche about tango, its history, its dance, culture, testimony and chats with milongueros and people from that time. See their Facebook page with many useful hints on dance and musicality.

They have also specialized in body language and dance teaching techniques and studied Tango at the Art University of Buenos Aires. In their lessons they mix culture, art, history, musicality, dance and technique, getting to transfer highly tango rooted knowledge, without even using figures or sequences.

Experience the Tangos through the eyes of the Conductors and see how your dancing changes!

D’Arienzo – His personality over his music.
Troilo – Where the focus should be.
Di Sarli – A life story that made him unique.

We will be bringing the background understanding of the best three Tangos Conductors of all times, to understand why their music was like that and how we can represent that in our dance. Also identifying the different elements that each of them brought to the tango world, so we can value those elements while creating our own interpretation.

£28 single, £54 dancing couples

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Workshops with Erin and Doruk


Saturday 21st September

11.30 – 3.15

City Academy Dance Studio, Sports Centre, 299 Bluebell Road, Norwich, NR4 7LP

Erin Malley & Doruk Golcu are an internationally touring teaching couple. Partners on the dance floor and in life, they have been dancing together since 2004, and have a combined 50 years of dance experience. They are known for their smooth dancing, their turns, unique musicality, and connection to one another. Erin and Doruk are generous teachers, known for the approachable way that they share their knowledge of both the body in motion and the structure of the dance.

They will be teaching two workshops

Finding unexpected spaces in close embrace

Close embrace can feel tight and restrictive, but there are many overlooked possibilities and interesting spaces within for exciting and creative possibilities. 

Stronger connection and communication through the embrace

Learn how to use the physical embrace more mindfully to create a clearer lead and follow and a more pleasant and connected feeling during the dance. 
£28 single, £54 dancing couples